frequently mentioned by hip hop crew the black wall street against the infamous hood click "G Unit" addressing 50 cent , letting him know that he isn't a "G" (gangsta)so 50, a G Unot
"Yeah You Sell Records But A G G G UNOT" the game - 300 bars & runnin
by G+Man April 04, 2006
Anti G-Unit movement started by rap artist The Game, who is actually signed to Geffen Records, not, as many believe, Black Wall Street. BWS is The Game's "clique". Just as 50 Cent has G-Unit, Big Punisher had Terror Squad, and 2Pac had the Outlawz.

The major starting point for G Unot was the 14 minute song "300 Bars 'n' Runnin'". Shortly after its release, The Game led a large protest outside the G-Unit Records building. It involved local O.Gs, along with BWS members, brandishing G-Unot signs with pictures of crossed out rats, and the slogan "Gangsta U Not". Abuse was shouted at G-Unit through megaphones, and it is alleged that The Game produced a handgun, and fired several rounds into the building.
G- G- G- G-uNOT
Yeah muthafuckers, you know who it is...Nu Jerzey Devil

" sell records, but a g-g-G Unot"
by G-Unit Jake August 17, 2006
G-unot is an abbrevation for a whack ass music group containing 50 cent, lloyd banks, tony yayo, young buck, olivia, mobb deep, MOP, spider loc, and a crooked reverand Mase
by Byrdgang March 11, 2006
G-unot is one of the most true phrases of this decade. A complete anti g-unit phrase meaning how uncreditible, on thre street, g-unit. The Game is greatest west coast rapper since Snoop Dogg and N.W.A came into the scene. He is one of the few rappers that has respect for the game, and isn't just claiming his a thug. He has backed up everything his every said through all the years of gangbanging he went through.
G-unot ghost-unit the mix tape is an excellent example of The Game.
by Nate Dogg of the West January 30, 2006
Referring to Curtis Jackson, (A.K.A. 50 cent, booboo, Mr Potato Head) and his band of rappers, G-Unit; Coined by Phatt Rat, of The Black Wall Street record label, at summer jam diss 2005. This fued escalated when Jason Taylor (A.K.A. The Game),Left G-Unit, accusing Mr Jackson of being a snitch, and a "b***h."

Mr Jackson also believed he was not getting a large enough cut of The Games debut solo album, The Documentary. 50 Cent was with police outside Hot 97 radio station when he shot at a member of Mr Taylors entourage following a heated confrontation. The Game has since launched a DVD explaining the beef and his point of view, and also launched an anti G-Unit mixtape, entitled "Ghost Unit". (For more information regarding this dispute, consult The Game : "Stop Snitchin', Stop Lyin'")The Game has personally stated he signed to Aftermath, (See Dr Dre) Not G-Unit, and claims that Game still has several albums to Label G-Unit are false.
Uses of G-Unot : "I went down one of them Bodaga s**ts right there in Harlem Got me a bootleg Lloyd Banks and Young Buck CD.Took that s**t home, put it in my boom box:
Thought I was bout to be on some radio Raheim s**t!
Man that s**t sound like some Vanessa Williams '88.
I mean Olivia cute but they say that b***h a man;
So this Black Wallstreet for life now,
GGG-UNOT!!" 300 Bars And Running, Nu Jerzy Devil, DJ Skee.
by Dopz-Man April 04, 2006
the fake ass gangsters G-Unit with the leader 50 Cent, the motherfukin snitch ass wanksta they're no longer gunit, its gunot remember dat STOP SNICHIN, STOP LYIN THE DVD COP DAT to understand this
Gunot is gunit from now.
by Fcuk50 January 26, 2006
Rapper The Game's "catchphrase" which he uses as a diss to the fake-ass wannabe bitches in g unit after 50 "The Snitch" Cent kicked him out of Gay-Unit for not helping him in his beefs.

Said randomly in songs to take the piss:
When it's beef we eat, we win, but we ain't lonely we pop
You sell records but a G-G-G-Unot!
by CJK July 29, 2005
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