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Awe-inspiringly clueless gall or chutzpah. An action or utterance that appears to come from an outrageous ego coupled with a breathtaking sense of entitlement combined with complete lack of awareness.

People can show chutzpah consciously. People can "have the nerve" to do something while knowing they're taking a chance. But to show *real* blagojevich, someone almost has to have the blindly arrogant self-confidence that comes from really believing they're right, and having no clue that they might be mistaken.
I can't believe you did that, you remind me of that douche, G-hawk.
by Average Bobby June 11, 2009
To gouge out an oponents eyes.
Yo dawg don't make me G-Hawk you son.
by McPwner January 18, 2009