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Pass me the G Sauce!
I need to Hydrate! G Sauce me!
by raincheckross April 07, 2012
This is also known as Gatorade, gats, gravy, G-rade, gade, gator juice, Gh2o,G2, Gdub,or simply G....

It’s a powerful liquid potion taken orally to kick your opponent(s) ass. It’s for water haters. This drink is also very popular with pot heads and used commonly as a post-mating beverage. Pussies use this g sauce as chasers or formulate a cocktail.
- "Dam! its hot up in this bitch, Hit me with some G sauce..."

- "hahahaha, I'm sooo highhhhhhh, here man, have some G sauce!"
by magoo1985 November 05, 2010
A male person who is suave, good looking, smart, and overall perfect.
"Sup G-Sauce!"
by The Ultimate G Sauce March 07, 2009
The sauce which you give a girl once she's felt the " G force " of your pelvis.

I just got covered in G sauce..
by Gtrain-93 December 15, 2010

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