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This comes from the streets, man! Often referred to in rap songs. It indicates the need to have the gangsters "up" or on top of things, and keep the Ho's (bitches) down. Thought to have originated from pimps who would say it to indicate their whores were on their backs making the money for the pimps. Often said when greeting a fellow G, or upon entering a room or party. Meant to re-assure
G1: Greetings. G's up, ho's down.
G2: Fo' shizzle, ma' nizzle. Word.
by Gacis June 02, 2004
Bangin ass ecstasy pills
popular in jersey
u got sum G's up, Ho's down ma nigga?
by munx March 25, 2007
Ecstasy pills with the letter G with a dot on one side and a chick on the other. If you in Jersey and got this be aware that it is most likely MDA, not MDMA. Check MDA out on erowid and check (search for "g" and you'll see and entry for Newark, NJ which says it was tested positive for MDA).
"The dance is Saturday and I just got hooked up with some G's up, ho's down."
gangsters up and hoes down
G's up, hoes down, while you motherfuckers bounce to this

snoop doggy dogg-Gin and juice
G's up, Ho's down
by westsideak July 19, 2008
Created by G-Unit member lil scrappy. The letter "G" stands for gorilla. It means that the gorillas should be on top and their bitches (hoes) must bend over or something like that...
G's up, Ho's down=
G's stand up so that the ho's can do their job.
by dudler December 28, 2007
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