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The gangsta way of saying George Washington.
Benjamin Franklin: G Wash. What the fuck up.

George Washington: Aww shit... It's the motherfucking Franklin. Come hit this shit, nigger.

Benjamin Franklin: (exhaling) Get money, fuck bitches, smoke trees.

George Washington: (exhaling) Wisdom.
by G-Wash August 05, 2008
1. All of the universe combined with one word which can simply define all and all that shall be. Close cousin of the number 42 . Can be used in any event whatever the situation may be, and for any answer will be perfectly acceptable.

2. A philosophical group of people with no actual solid belief or reason (referred to as ''Gwashites''). Can be used as a bullshit answer to what your beliefs actually are if you feel like keeping them to yourself.
1. As angels descended from heaven to deliver fresh pecan pies to a trapeze of anthropomorphic hawaiian shirts, Bobby could only utter one word. ''Gwash''.

2. When asking Janice if she was strictly Jewish she unhesitatingly told me she was Gwash.
by GforGus October 22, 2010
A vagina that has been ejaculated into.
Gareth shot his load into the gwat thus creating a gwash.
by Gareth Ian Jones October 23, 2006
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