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The successfully delicious combination of Red Wine, boxed preferably, with a dark cola. The ratio of wine to dark cola determines the corresponding Muppet character. A higher percentage of wine is represented by higher intensity Muppets (Animal, Gonzo, Beeker) and a lower percentage of wine is represented by lower intensity Muppets (Kermit the Frog). This obviously results in two truths to become certain:

1) Fozzy Bear is the fair and balanced 50-50 ratio of wine and dark cola

2) The Swedish Chef represents any ratio of wine to dark cola that has no wine or dark cola but is the successful combition of whiskey and whiskey. Basically a cup of whiskey. Sometimes garnished with Sudafed.
"My wife can never get my fuzzy muppet the way I like it; she pours Gonzos when I'm in a Kermit kinda mood"
by Sproketmonkey February 06, 2010
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