One that views anthropomorphic art or engages in roleplay of anthropomorphic carachters for sexual enjoyment. (( Alteration of "pervert" for by members of the anthropomorphic fandom also known as "furries."
If you look at pictures of nude anthropomorphs for sexual gratification, you are a furvert.
by Skunkfuc*er January 11, 2003
Top Definition
(in furry fandom)
noun. A furry pervert. (from the combination of FURry and perVERT)
"That guy is a furvert."
by Colin Ritter August 06, 2003
A furry who is perverted.
He is a furvert.
by Anonymous October 14, 2003
A person who is into role playing, specifically preferring a furry animal costume concealing him or her during sexual intercourse with another role player of the opposite sex.
Damn man, who woulda thought that hot ass chick last nite was a Furvert ?! Shiiit man I'm still itchy from tht costume.
by Situachian April 11, 2011
A person who enjoys dressing up as a forest creature and participating in sexual activities within a forest with other people who also enjoy this.
1: "AhMiGad, did you hear that Jen is a total furvert?!"
2: "Yah, oh my gosh- I wonder what animal she is..."
by WowImWatchingAmericanDad! July 25, 2009
1. One who commonly attaches animal charicteristics to human biology or sociology in sexual circumstances

Yiff art, fursuiting, plushophiles on extreme side. On lighter note using human-animal metaphors eg. "She/He is a fox" "They bang like rabbits" "He is hung like a horse"
by Furball May 04, 2003
People who get off on teddy bears, mascot costumes, and German shepherds.  Often confused with furries, who are no more or less than anthropomorphics fans.
"Thanks to all the furverts, you can't even browse Yerf without someone looking at you funny nowadays!"
by Qit January 12, 2004
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