(Also called "FA" for short) The largest and most popular anthropomorphic art website on the net. Many anthro artists are "furries," who take active roles in the community making art, wearing fursuits and/ or going to conventions. This is called furry fandom
Girl 1: "What's FA?"
Girl 2: "Fur Affinity-- a website for furs like me!"
Girl 1: "I hear it's pretty cool."
by WolfEe! January 01, 2011
Is one of the largest furry sites on the internet so far. One section of Fur affinity includes an Art section, where users display their furry art for other users to see and comment on them.

The other section includes a forum where users vent/discuss about happenings either within the fandom, or anywhere else. Within the forum also includes various topics, that seperate discussion
"Fur affinity is my favorite site to share my furry art! and everyone there is usually generous"

"The forums arre a great place to be able to vent, or just hang out with my fellow furs"
by Nekofox08 September 16, 2008
A large community where endless furfag's artworks were born!
Furfag: Hai wanna chexz0rz Fur Affinity?
hawt dude: ... get out of my way.
Furfag: but why! if u liek, u can take a peek! (insert unwanted furred gay picture here)
hawt dude: Yiff in hell, furfags!
Furfag: Ur hurtin my feelin!
hawt dude: Eat your own shit! *hawt dude left*
Furfag: *plop and eat*
newbie: Yiff in hell, furfags!
by Swift Fox August 12, 2009

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