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A small town named after two young lovers on different side of the railroad tracks.

Population: old people, alot of damn cops, mexicans, rednecks, & potheads.

There is never anything to do in Fuquay, so many people tend to drink, party, and smoke.

Fuquay varina high school usually fails at sports mostly no talent, but every now and then they will have a good football team.

Native: Hey bro, let's hit up a party later in fuquay and get crunk!

Native2: Sounds good bro considering there's nothing else to do in
Fuquay Varina.
by Nativefuquayer March 18, 2009
A sexual act consisting of two males and one female engaging in heterosexual sexual activity. Most often mistaken for a menage a trois, which is two women and one man. Most commonly conducted in areas near military installations due to a low female population.
Buck: Bro I need to get laid.

Jethro: Hey I know this one chick in Fayetteville that'll let us pull a fuquay varina.

Buck: I'm there but we have to stay on opposite ends.
by Barry McCahkener December 27, 2008
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