1. Misspelt other word for swaddling material wrapped firmly around an infant,baby or politician to ensure warmth & love.

2. Blankets that have to bolted firmly around a woman while having intercourse in the dark, 'incase God sees her naked' is the usual excuse, but she quite okay with being starkers on her own in her backgarden/playground/webcast.
(Possibly a woman who is a barren lesbian, farmhand.)
MAN: Darling I know we've only known eachother fifteen years and are having a healthy, normal,if awfully infrequent, sexual relationship with one another but would it be ok if we could, perhaps, have sexual relations on top of the funting tonight as I've never so much as seen one of your nipples! The closest is that drawing, that I drew, ten years ago.

WOMAN: (Uninteligable gibberish to the effect of 'No,sex is all you ever think about, you lazy,unshaven,quite wellhung, perverted,disgusting, patriarchal, misogynistic bastard. Give me more female orgasms while I laugh at your penis & talk to my friends about how it only gets wet once a week.' etcetera usual guff,excuses & insults.)
by Sir Bartholomew McTavish December 04, 2007
Top Definition
When you direct Danni to an Urban Dictionary page under false pretenses so that you can do the Red Indian Victory Dance.
"Funting. Ask me what it means, Danni."

"What does it mean?"

*provides UD link*

"...oh, for FUCK'S sake."

*does Red Indian Victory Dance*
by Jack The Bodiless June 01, 2012
the disgraceful situation where an otherwise respectable person changes their every day , appropriate behavior choosing to act like a complete fucking bastard who spends their time fucking around with other like minded cunts, turning their own fucking self into the stupidest fucking cunt of them all.
Man 1: Has anyone seen Dave lately?
Man 2: Nah
Man 3: I've not got a clue were the fuck he's been?
Man 4: You mean you havn't heard where the fuck he's been?
Man 3: I Just said I havn't got a fucking clue!
Man 4:For fucks sake, everyone knows he's been off funting!
Man 1: Surely not Dave?!
Man 4: Yup, its true, he's been fucking around with a right bunch of cunts!
Man 2: That absolute funter!!
by rc9000000000000000000 November 19, 2014
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