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The ability to update one's Facebook status whilst inebriated. Status updates usually display primal passions of the person that are naturally inhibited when not having consumed excessive amounts of alcohol. Status update usually contains a high degree of incoherence, possible vulgarity, typos, grammatically incorrect elements or overtly emotional or embarrassing elements that the facebook user could not withhold sharing. Hence, "funken dracebook" is used as an apology to say that one was not in their right mind during the last status update.
"I'm sorry, I totally was Funken Dracebooking that last status update"
by VikingMan13 February 03, 2010
Drunk Facebooking while wearing a Viking helmet.
Viking: Wearing a viking helmet into the New Year in Playa Del Rey.
Viking's Facebook Friend: Are you Funken Dracebooking again?
by Lord Thebian January 01, 2010

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