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When someone is underage but is wanted sexually, they are "Funderage."

Is usually used before saying, "if there's hair in her muff, she's old enough" or "if there's grass on the field play ball."

The only people who use this word are people on 4chan, Funnyjunk, or pedophiles.

Also used when underage persons are drinking.
Mother: "Dan what are you saying? She's underage and your


Father: "More like Funderage!"


Pedobear: "oooooooh she looks like she can work a pole."

Courage Wolf: WTF? she's only three!!!! that's way underage!!

Pedobear: "You mean, Funderage!"


Dude 1: "DUUUUDE! we got sooo wasted last night"

Dude 2: "But aren't you gus like 16?"

Dude 1: "It was just some harmless funderage drinking."
by I am not Pedobear July 07, 2010
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