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Contrary to popular belief, "funcy" should not be confused with fancy. Funcy is an adjective used to describe something tacky, foolish, or trashy. This term is a discreet insult and is best used when someone or something is trying to look or be fancy; however, the turn out ends up foolish and awful. People think you're complimenting them by saying "fancy" in a clever way, i.e., "funcy" but you're actually ridiculing them.
1. You're trailer park home on the other side of the freeway is so funcy.

2. Like, OMG! You look so cute today with your brand name clothes from Kmart; super funcy!
by Raulgbz August 30, 2009
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A North East of Scotland word for, for an extravegant desert.
Would you like a wee funcy
by G.Kelly March 07, 2005
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