The art of "dipping" your stick into 3 different flavors (girls) in one-day. Or can also be described and 3 Dudes Running a train on one girl.
Damnn B, I had sex with 3 different girls yesterday, FUN-DIP complete !!! BLOOOP BLOOP


Yo F-BOMB, Yall want to Fun Dip that Rat !!!

Jyea lets take her back to the Girls Gone wild mansion and CHOO CHOO it up !!!
by NOVACAINEJ November 05, 2012
A mixture of meth and bath salts (usually found at a smoke shop--it's like a legal version of cocaine that lasts longer, has a more hard core high, and a horrible comedown) that people usually snort.
Jim: Hey man, wanna do some fun dip in the restroom with me?!
Chad: Hell yeah i do!!
by Vbeans January 04, 2012
code name for marijuana
" So today i was eating fundip and i was so gone "
by Connection January 28, 2009
The action of playfully sticking your hand (or any other body part) in between a girls legs when she isn't paying attention in order to turn her on quickly.
Right after I fun dipped her she was ready to go!
by FunDip Queen March 12, 2011
when a girl sucks a guys dick then dips it in coke and she sucks it off then does a line off the shaft.
or in the girls case her nipples.
"Carly fun dipped michael last night, she was so fucked up!"
by mackenbee January 28, 2009
someone who doesn't have a clue whats going on, or is acting really stupid.
kiwi is such a fun dip, he really gets on my nerves
by jjorrhe ramos July 01, 2009
The term used to describe the act of a male sucking his own dick, then pouring a packet of cocaine powder into a crack whore's butthole, then fucking the whore's ass, then sucking the cocaine off his own dick before repeating the process all over again. This is a method used to get high and have sex at the same time.
Like the candy Fun Dip, only the stick is a penis, the sugar is cocaine, and the wrapper is a butthole.
by WouldYouRather...? March 26, 2010
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