Boobs, breasts, or tits on an older woman or cougar
David: Did you see Mrs. Lennon's fun bags?

Sarah: How can I not?
by Ejp2000 November 11, 2014
v. For a woman to rub her hanging breasts over someone or something
Much to his suprise, he did in fact recieve a sympathy funbag from the hottest girl at the party.
by ljr34 January 23, 2004
A grocery bag that provides amusement or entertainment.
My son and daughter enjoyed playing with the plastic funbags we got from Safeway.
by stinkynuts1975 August 22, 2006
Nicely Shaped and sized bags for fun
Rack of Tammy
by Bob March 24, 2004
Sack containing the male testicles.
Lick my fun bag, woman!
by KBK February 03, 2006
A pound and a half of broccoli...... in a bag.
I'm goin' to the Grocery to get me a fun bag...... I love my fun bags. Donny, where is the cheese sauce?
by mark November 16, 2003
Titties, Boobs, Breast.
That Ho gots some nice Fun Bags. Lets See those Fun bags Bitch
by Tom Ho December 26, 2003
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