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a sly reference to the 'color of the carpet'. Spelled forwards, RED MUF, is a subtle way of pointing out the fair skinned ginger heads without the obnoxiousness.

Synonymous with: Fire crotch, Ring of Fire, Ginger, Hot Box
1) Dude, Fumder, five o'clock. I fuckin' love read heads, they're usually psychotic... but I DIG IT!

2) Dude, she's a fumder.

3) Hey, what's up Fumder?
by ellejayvtheworld June 11, 2010
A red-headed person that tries to pass themselves off as a dirty blonde, using any and all means, be it hair dye, makeup, excessive tanning.
The actor Simon Baker (The Mentalist) would be a Fumder.
by SupremeOverlord December 15, 2009
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