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The occurrence of exactly 2 people saying the exact same thing at the same time, and 3 different people saying something different, but at the same time as the other 2, while in the presence of each other.

Then only can one person exclaim "Full House Jinx!" and render every participant of the Full House Jinx speechless until they receive an autograph from every actor within the main cast of Full House, the television show.

Derives from the Poker hand.
{10:10:10 p.m.} Jack: I have cancer.
{10:10:10 p.m.} Brad: I hate cancer.
{10:10:10 p.m.} Dave: I won the lottery!
{10:10:10 p.m.} Cecil: I won the lottery!
{10:10:10 p.m.} Tom: I won the lottery!
{10:10:11 p.m.} Skye: Full House Jinx!
by Bradley Giglio June 28, 2008

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