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1. Lord of Ugly Fucks; See: puberty

2. The pinnacle of complete, unsurpassed hideousness; often confused as leprosy in it's early stages, fuglordness is the result of an excessive ingestion of ramen noodles during pregnancy which causes a child to be born with several facial buttholes.

3. Lives on a diet of farts.

4. Generally involving deformation of the head or face; a fuglord will have distinct markings or as they prefer, "beauty marks," that resemble the gooey center of a ham and cheese hot-pocket left to spoil on the streets of Philadelphia during a hot rain storm.

5. A sexually deviant homeless man living on a diet of pigeons, fingernails, and rat whiskers which he absorbs through an abrasion on his grundle.

6. An inborn condition, rare to develop in adulthood--as only direct facial contact with a moving airplane could impose such grotesque and sickening characteristics on average person. Since these ghastly features can be seen in an ultrasound, carrying to term is regarded as a tremendous mistake and punishment for such actions are being considered.
That fuglord looked at me and I got diarrhea.
by Ass Hair M.D. November 19, 2010
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