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Founded in California this profound game of is a remake of the original game, cops and robbers. The game is played with 2 teams. It was reported in Downers Grove, IL, the teams consist of 15 boys vs 15 girls to keep it fair. One team will start by running from point A to point B. The team of the opposite sex will wait 5 mins before they get in their cars and try to chase down the other team. The team running has a time limit, usually 1hr 15mins to reach point B. Once the team that is running has all their players at point B, are all caught or the time limit is reached. As the round is finished, the teams will switch as the team running will become the chasers and the chasers will become the runners. But beware, this game has one hazard: Cops(the real ones). People report players of the game as they mistake them actual robbers, and in their state of confusion nd nervousness call the cops to satisfy themselves, but in turn ruin one of the most exciting, intensified games that was thought of. Also be warned of estranged animals that one might find during the game. (Ex: sunks, chipmunks, squirrels, cats, dogs with rabies, and any other animals which scare people.) It is tradition that this game be played at night so its somewhat harder to be caught(the point of the game). Games that are played with too many people or not enough will end in you thinking the night was a waste of time so be sure that you have a game set up 3-4 days prior to the game and that all information is kept secret. Once more and more people in your city find out about the game, the stupider the game will get and the easier it is for the cops to catch you.
"Fugitve the Game":
Person 1: Hey guys, you wanna play fugitves tomorrow night?
Group 1: Whats that?
Person 1: Its sorta the remake of cops and robbers.
Group 1: Sweet, how do we find out how to play?
Person 1: Its on Urban dictionary under, "Fugitive the Game".
Group 1: lets go check it out and we'll play tommorow!
by rap mvp55 July 22, 2009
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