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The manipulation of someone into the enthusiastic performance of a sexual act when they originally did not want to, wherein they truly believe it was their own idea, to the extent that they are now indebted to engage in another romp at a time of your choosing.

Can be countered if the victim exclaims "FuFiNo, No!"

Syn: Sexual Inception
Example of FuFiNoNo:
*Husband undresses*
Wife: "Sorry Honey, I would have sex with you but I'm just so tired. I'm not in the mood at all."

Husband: "Oh no babe, there's no way I could have sex with you tonight. I think I may be getting sick or something. If I were feeling better, I was planning on really giving you a night you'd remember"
*Extended silence*
Wife: "Oh. Well. Maybe another ni..."
Husband: "I really wish I could. You are just so attractive."
Wife: "Well, we could have a quickie tonight and try for what you were planning another night."
Husband: "You're just so amazing. Yeah, that's a great idea. Let's try something tonight. And maybe tomorrow."
by Bill Excalibur Alls IV Esq. March 16, 2013
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