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A state of one having screwed up so very badly through laziness or frivolity that one's resulting future reputation suffers directly from his or her inherent ability to mess up the easiest of actions.
The extent of my roommate's fuckupery is astounding; not only does she sleep until 5:30 every afternoon and miss her classes, but her nights are consumed by watching anime and reading Harry Potter fan fiction until she goes to sleep to start the whole cycle all over again.
by Platinum Myst April 28, 2007
(n) A blunder: MESS-UP, SCREW-UP, FLUKE

Plural: 'fuck-uperies'
"Is everythinkg okay?"
"No, there was a fuck-upery."
"Well, we got yogurt EVERYWHERE."
by Sam Hartung April 08, 2007
noun: the quality of a situation that has been extremely fucked up.
Grandma wasn't invited thanks to the wedding planner's fuckupery.
by Hee Suh March 13, 2012