noun; Pertaining to 'an undesirable' female; One that embodies the essence of a 'fuck-trout.'She that would be readily distinguished as a 'fuck-trout.'
"That fuck-trout has the face of a fuck-trout."
by T. Horsecollar March 08, 2006
Top Definition
One who has the brain of a fucking trout. Fucktrouts serve no useful purpose. They are using our valuable oxygen to expound their fucktrout opinions. If you meet a Fucktrout you have two options 1) Run 2) Rapidly punch it in its gut and run.
Wow, that Charlotte is socially inept and when she talks I instantly can tell she is a total Fucktrout. Run!
by lolitabambina March 30, 2010
a random/silly name to call someone (often a friend) jokingly or when there annoying you (usually about getting high or wanting soemthig from you)
bob: please can we go smoke up??? pleeeeease??!!!! please? please? please? please i need to its been 4 days!!! please!!!

fred: bob, u fuck-trout, i told u everyones dry, shut up!!
by irene* May 22, 2006

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