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regurgetated cumbubble
by ryan May 22, 2003
13 33
a person who wants to fuck all the time...24 hours a day ....7 days a week....all year round...
I am such a Fuck Nut...at least my husband thinks so...
by Debbie June 07, 2003
8 31
One who has gone on a "FUCKING" bender.
Peter has gone fuck nuts!
by fucker October 21, 2003
25 50
To get a nut while fucking as opposed to getting a nut during masterbation.

by Anonymous May 29, 2003
8 33
a nut that has been fucked by nonother than ....... ur mom!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG Ben Angle from Kingman Arizona is so fuckin gay and his mom is a fucknut.
by a pseudonym April 23, 2005
3 29
A sweet hard working woman who goes by the name Asia (her porn name) and loves Shar-pei doggys and has porn fetishes
There is only one Asia... the sweetest fucknut i kno
by Klingy January 26, 2004
5 41
its where you have more than 2 balls and screw somebody
Bill Gates just a bit harder........ O Ya BABY
by Wilfred October 29, 2003
8 67