nickname for a mans cock...
jenkins stuck his fucknoodle in the hookers snatch
by gumbi mcfadden October 07, 2010
Top Definition
An idiot, asshole, bastard, or someone you really don't like.
Look at that kid, he is such a fucknoodle.
by freaky cupcake January 30, 2009
A noodle, for reasons unknown, that has been stuck up a largely obese woman's vagina and has been cooked at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit for an unknown interval of time. They likely smell of fish and it is not advised that they be consumed by any living being, unless you're into that sort of thing.

May also apply to a woman who is so loose, her vagina looks more like spaghetti strings.
"Where did my pasta go?" "Probably Celina's vagina over there; she's into fuck noodles."

"Heard you ran away from Diane." "Are you kidding? She's been with so many guys, she's a total fuck noodle!"
by Dr. Cyanide January 28, 2012
a pool noodle used as a dildo
"hey amber, hand me that fuck noodle over there" ;)
by lyssie_pie69 February 25, 2009
another word for shit, but funny
If I drop something:

Fuck noodles
by look at the Sufi mother fucker September 27, 2007
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