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A list of things you've always wanted to do or say but never had the nerve to until something life-changing occurs.
After I was left at the alter, I stopped caring so much about other people's feelings and started to be more honest.

I created my Fuck-It List, which included some of the following recent revelations to people:

"You're fat and you know it."
"I don't care about your stupid Facebook remarks. So you ate too much... Like I care."
"Your kid is ugly and you need to accept it."
"You smell like sleep, even after you brush your teeth."
"Your boyfriend chats on you with random people he meets on Craigslist."

Also, I took a dump in my mom's toilet tank after she yelled at me about the dog hair in my house.
by Mogwai Xmas May 24, 2013
A list of things you wish to do before committing suicide.
Doing every street drug I can find is the last thing on my Fuckit List
by Tehhet April 05, 2011