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Women who often have large bird noses, think they are poser bro hoe, have emotional problems, and have one ONE friend. Often follows couples around like a third wheel. Very annoying.
OH god a fuckielle is over there, quick lets run!
by OHmGee May 24, 2009
An annoying teen-aged girl who has no friends and often fallows others around. Fuckielle usually prays on couples, it will fallow them around making itself a third wheel and producing awkward situations. Fuckielle has a facial structure resembling a tucan. It is a chain smoker and often fucks guys just to feel important. You can identify a Fuckielle buy its clothing and personality. It wears slutty clothing that has something to do with dirt biking, off road, or the 909 area code. It will use fallow language to fit in with the piece of shit people it calls it's own.
"Yo, is that Fuckielle?" "Oh shit, ya it is, bail quick!!"
by wowwawewa July 30, 2009
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