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A Syndrome denoting one's overly zealous, overly attention-seeking, overly "jock"; ultimately "over-rated" behavior. First diagnosed in Hobart Tasmania (2005).
"Vossy you suffer a severe case of Fuckhead Syndrome"!

"Charles* I love you, but I can't have this baby if there's even the slightest possibility he might inherit the disorder?"

*Charles is a all-rounder family-man who enjoys a good book and a snuggle with his wife in front of an open wood-fire. Made famous by the controversial statement "Charles, shut the fuckup"!- Subsequently, a slander commonly used to offend those suffering FS.

Note: Charles, in the context of FS, is oven confused with Charles Anderson; a heavy-weight boxing champion In New York. Both Charles do however bear similar physical features (prominent belly, and menacing facial-profile), this often accounts for the confusion in Identity.
by Bosnian Homo November 12, 2006

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