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The act of being fucked up and beyond. When being fuckered up you may often find yourself having regrets the following day
That dude was so fuckered up last night that he ended up naked and had to send out sorry notes the following day.
by Rob (GTron) July 25, 2005
extraordinarily intoxicated by any means
Joe found out the hard way that mixing pills and booze can get you fuckered up way too fast.
by EviLCorey September 10, 2003
getting so drunk you don't give a damn how many suffixes you use! Mainly used in a "red neck" tone of voice.
Jake- Tonight is not gonna be fun.

Joe- I don't care, I'm getting fuckered up either way!
by TheBestMane October 22, 2009
Basically it means Fucked up. But it's a way cooler way of saying it.
"Lemme fix your website, cuz it's all fuckered up"
by Teufel October 05, 2005
Beyond just drunk. When someone was "fucked up" he/she can't remember the end of the night. When someone was "fuckered up" he/she can't remember the beginning
I was so fuckered up, I can't even remember going to the bar.
by stretch333 January 18, 2008
Means you are really messed up by drinking
He was fuckered up, after drinking 12 beers and 5 shots
by Tracey Faircloth July 18, 2003
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