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When one starts a dating or having casual sex with one guy within a tight group of guy friends (e.g, a band, a hockey team, co-workers, rich twins and their dependent BFF). Upon discovering that the initial relationship is dwindling, availability and opportunity, catalyzed by excessive alcohol or drug use, ensues in the initial girl hooking up with one or several members of the group of guys. After depleting all resources within the group, she soon discovers that they all hate her as she has pitted them against each other and compromised their bromance. At this point, it is safe to say, that one has fucked one's-self into a corner.
Example 1:

Friend 1: "Hey, do you ever hang out with those twins who live in that sick penthouse anymore?"

Friend 2: "No, after I fucked both twins and that borderline psychotic that "works" for them, none of them will talk to me anymore! Looks like I really fucked myself into a corner on that one"

Example 2:

Friend 1: "Hey, do you wanna go see that band tonight?"

Friend 2: "Shit, I can't... It's my ex-boyfriend's band. And I fucked the whole band last night, and he's really mad... so that makes it a bit awkward"

Friend 1: "Man, you gotta stop fucking yourself into a corner all the time!!!"
by WoW-FTW May 23, 2009
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