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To do something so bold simply to be an asshole. The phrase began on an episode of Dave Chappelle, in which Rick James utterly destroyed Eddie Murphy's couch, causing Eddie and his brother, Charlie Murphy to completely pwn Rick by the way of a beatdown administered to his legs.
Rick James grinds mud into Eddie Murphy's new couch.

Rick: Fuck your couch!

Eddie and Charlie Murphy beat Rick's legs.

Rick: Darkness Motherfuckers!
by Brickwell August 28, 2006
The insult to beat all insults in an argument, due to its pure randomness. Also tends to make the opponent speechless.
Cynnamon: You are such a whore!

Mary: Well fuck your couch!

Cynnamon: .... What?

by Hanamizu February 05, 2009
The equivalent of "Well fuck you."
Can also be said as:
-Fuck your couch. "Fuck you."

The phrase originated from an episode of the Dave Chappele Show, where he played Rick James.
The exact line where it was adapted from, is when he (dave Chappelle/ Rick James) is on a couch, and says, "Fuck your couch, nigga! Fuck your couch!"
Person 1: God! Just shut the fuck up! You're SO annoying!

Person 2: Well fuck YOUR couch! *storms off*
by This Is R3J3CT April 11, 2009
It's a metaphor. the "fuck" is metaphorical for not giving a shit, and the "your couch" is metaphorical as it is the subject that the user choses instead of the person it is being used against, thus making it clear that it is more important to the user than the recipient, and by not giving a shit about something that is more important to the user than the recipient, the user is saying that he or she less than gives a shit about about the recipient and anything they have ever said or done
Person 1: I just finished my homework!

Person 2: Fuck your couch.
by ireallyhateyoualot October 04, 2011
pretty self explanitory but can be used in many ways....
A:dude you suck
B:well you know what fuck your couches
by Dracon January 12, 2006
The ability to fuck a womens couch. The original "Fuck your Couch"
Richard Prior (live on the sunset strip). Rich hooks up with a playboy bunny and heads over to he apartment. When he arrives he is surprised at how nice the apartment is and says "Well If I Don't get to Fuck you I Can Always Fuck your Couch".
by pokerintheear September 10, 2010
An expression of speech originally used by the Girls of Chaos. Used to express disgust, dismay or disbelieve. May also be used as an expression of surprise. Original context removed to protect the identity of those involved. ;)
RL: What did you do last weekend?
HB: I just hung out with xxxxx...
RL: Fuck your couch.
by Girls of Chaos October 24, 2010
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