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Instead of saying good-bye or see you later; kewl people now say Fuck U Later...

What hookers and prostitutes say to their John's when their finished and about to leave.
LINDY: Fuck U Later
SARAH: Where u going?
TOM: Yeh! U just got here biatch!
LINDY: Look! I don't have time 2 explain! Fuck U Later guyz!

CYRIL: I gotto go put my face on Pauly
PAULY: O.K Cyril... Fuck U Later Mate!

Marc, Brad, Toby and Carrington were dancing at the Peel Dance Bar when Carrington said he had to leave and blow some guy in the dunnies. The bois replied, "Kewl Carrington, Fuck U Later slut!"
by The Moody Poet January 06, 2007
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