one who seems to fuck things up everywhere he goes
After three girls enter your dorm room and begin talking to you, this is what happens after fuckn knuckles enters your room:

Girls: hey(to fuck knuckles). do you live here too?
Fuck Knuckles: (does the double arm pump and screams in a loud gay voice, like a white guy trying to be lil john) YEAAAAAH!
Girls: (they promptly leave after giving a look of disgust to fuck knuckles)
Two guys who live in the dorm room: hey fuck knuckles, thanks a lot. (the guys begin to bumrush fuck knuckles and beat the shit outta him for being such a douche)
by Brad Kronik December 31, 2005
The painful bend in hard dick caused by pulling out too far and slamming your cock into the taint.
I was railing that bitch so hard I gave myself a fuck knuckle.
by XxxKevinxxX August 15, 2007
General term for somebody who is an useless idiot, ignorant, highly unpopular, or hated.

Commonly used by Australians to describe people in positions of responsibility who are incompetent.
Worker #1 - The boss says we have to make 34 more panels but we've only got two hours till knock off time ...

Worker #2 - Yeah right, what a fuck knuckle!
by Notorious S.T.I.F.F June 29, 2011
Someone who is intensely stupid, useless, or just plain ignorant.
"You can't clean a toilet with a rake, you stupid fuck knuckle"
by MichaelMayfall December 29, 2014
Fuck knuckles are when a teenage boy has been masterbating and constantly has jizz on his knuckles
I will never shake hands with my nephew Johnny because he constantly has fuck knuckles and seems to be always jacking off.
by sturtle September 09, 2014
a large mass around the penis. resulting from torn blood vessels when a penis is "broken" or bent while erect. often referred to as dick gristle.
he had a fuck knuckle in the middle of his penis.
by Mrewood November 04, 2010
Idiot, tool, moron, fool, useless bastard, politician
stop telling me what to do and sort the country out you fuck knuckle!
by Englishdude January 29, 2010

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