A sexual crush that has no romantic attachments.
Dude....he's such a douche.
Yeah, But I'd tap that... he's my fuck crush.
by pritzypritzy May 20, 2011
when you have a sexual crush on someone
i think i have a fuckcrush on her
by magnetism123456 December 29, 2009
when you have a crush on someone...but you only want to fuck them
omg i have a fuckcrush on her!!!
by magnetism123456 December 27, 2009
A crush that is purely sexual in nature and disregards all emotions involved apart from lust.
Person 1: God Lucius Malfoy is sexy. I wanna fuck him.

Person 2: Ew - He's Lucius Malfoy!
Person 1: I don't care - he's my fuck crush!
by tirtytally May 22, 2011

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