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1. To have sexual intercourse with someone and then leave them.
2. To toss a person out after having sexual intercourse.
Amy was the bomb last night but you know, I had to fuck 'n chuck her.
by this and that March 08, 2009
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Slang term for a the action of dating a girl until she puts out and then kicking her back to the kerb!
Hi Rich, I hear you and Lillian broke up...

Yeah man she was only ever gonna be a fucknchuck!
by Gunslinger from hell May 04, 2010
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The act of having Sexual Intercourse with a midget, and after climax, you then pick up the exhausted midget and throw her as far as you can
After Larson was done with Mandy, he gave her the good ol' Fuck-N-Chuck
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by VomitCock May 18, 2017
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