1. The parts in total of the female anatomy below the neck and above the knees.
2. A specific area in a dwelling used for love making.
"That Heather Locklear in the bikini shoot, boy, she has an awesome fuck deck. I would love to bring her to the fuck deck."
#anatomy #places #women #breasts #genitals
by Stinkyy October 05, 2008
Top Definition
-An outdoor deck or patio with sufficiently shielded views from the sides and no opposing homes- IE a semi-private outdoor area for fucking.

-Any deck when you're drunk enough to not give a shit.
Damn girl, you're looking good tonight- I want to get you back out on the fuckdeck and rock your world under the stars.
#sex #deck #patio #fuck #outdoor sex #voyeurism #exhibitionism
by KaptainKarrot June 25, 2015
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