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A Fuck You Tip is given, when, in a coffee shop, deli, or any store with a tip jar, the customer tips the clerk with change that is 10 cents or less. This is called a fuck you tip because, although your giving the person money, it is an insult to give someone such a smalll amount of money as a tip".
*Customer orders a coffee which costs $1.97*
*Customer hands clerk 2 dollars*
*Customer receives 3 cents change
*Customer puts that 3 cents in the tip jar

"Hey man, I gave that deli worker today a fuck you tip. my order came out to $9.92 and I threw him a 10 dollar bill. Then he gave me the 8 cents back and I threw it in the tip jar, it was great!"
by dreyqio9231 June 16, 2009

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