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The ability to last a sizeable amount of time without perspiring or showing fatigue during heavy physical activity or pressure, specifically fucking.
Friend: I was watching a porn yesterday on my iphone and this bitch was banging in every position for like an hour looking fire!!
Me: So the bitch was in some excellent Fuck Shape!
Me: Fucking a...

Random: Look at that dime on the elliptical machine, she looks to be in good Fuck Shape!
Random #2: For sure and you can have my left overs!

Rhonda: Sir, your client for your 9 o'clock appointment is here...
Exec: Thanks, send him in!
Rhonda: There are actually five of them sir, do you want Larry to sit in on this with you?
Exec: No pressure Rhonda Im in Fuck Shape, I got this, send them in!
by RandomJ May 13, 2011

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