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A meme from the Van Damm movie ,Double Team created from a scene in which the main characters survive a fireball in colleseum created by a tiger and the explosion of a minefield by simply hiding behind a coke machine with a baby in a basket.
Guy 1:Dude that scene was so Epic!!!
Guy 2:Not as epic as Frying The Coke in Double Team!!!!
Guy 1:Huh?
by ARBITERMASTER96 April 21, 2011
The ultimate in awesomely and laughably implausible. Coined by the Nostalgia Critic, Doug Walker, in his review of "Double Team", referring to the death scene where Dennis Rodman is saved by blocking the flames using a Coke machine.
With all these explosions and all this fire, it's hiding behind a Coke machine that saves the day! You've heard of jumping the shark and nuking the fridge, well, this is frying the Coke!
by TGWTGFan92 April 26, 2011

A situation in a movie wherein the protagonist(s) are saved from a normally unsurvivable situation by covering themselves, ducking behind, wearing, or using a product that has been shamelessly plugged into the scene.

The phrase originates from Doug Walker's (of thatguywiththeglasses.com fame) Nostalgia Critic review of "Double Team"(1997) a film starring Dennis Rodman, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Mickey Rourke. Directed by Hark Tsui.
The scene that inspired the phrase originates from the film "Double Team"(1997) Wherein the main protagonists of the film are saved from a colossal explosion by ducking behind a Coke (Coca-Cola) vending machine. Hence "Frying the Coke"

Alt: "I hate when they Fry the Coke in a movie, it's just stupid."

Alt 2: "They sure Fried the Coke in that one."

Alt 3: "I wish Hollywood would stop Frying the Coke and just focus on the damn movie."

Potential alternative examples comes from the films: Evolution (2001): Wherein Head and Shoulders Shampoo saves the world from aliens
Jurassic Park (1993): Wherein one of the main protagonists uses a Unix OS to lock the door to the main control room stopping a Velociraptor from entering.

The phrase is very akin to "Nuking the Fridge" but with the addition of product placement.
by Octopu5 April 20, 2011
A ridiculously epic happening.
(Usually after a period of blandness)
That movie is totally frying the coke with that fight scene with land mines, a tiger, Dennis Rodman and a baby!
by Thoth Gamer April 21, 2011