Top Definition
FRUNDAY = Friday, Saturday and Sunday,

Basically the weekend said in a different way.
Sian: "Did you have a good Frunday?"
Joe: "Yes, it was fabulous babes."
by JSL1990 May 07, 2009
A Friday that feels like a Monday.
Guy: God this feels like such a Frunday!
Girl: Yeah but at least it's the weekend tomorrow.
by kybe February 28, 2010
When Friday feels like a Sunday due to too many cheap drinks on Thirsty Thursdays & Struggle Town hits before the weekend has even started.
Sally: I keep thinking it's Sunday! We usually feel like this at the end of the weekend...
Beryl: Nah, it's Frunday! We still have the whole weekend ahead of us!!
by Oinky Tee November 20, 2010
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