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The squeezing of the penis, after ejaculation to remove any remaining semen!
After masturbation frubing stops the dribbles in my pants.
by Chris Copley January 18, 2009
When you take your condom off after use and consume the contents, like it's a frube.
Apparently Will banged some girl last night, then after he was done, he took his condom off, looked the girl in the eye seductively, and started frubing!
by redcliffe1 December 24, 2009
To remove one's condom after sexual intercourse and squeeze out the contents in a fashion similar to eating a frube, in order to re-use said condom.

This term was popularised by the novel "The sexual exploits of Jason Murphy" by the Fancies.
Jason: "Oh man i was down to my last rubber so i had to do some major frubing with Lisa last night".

Everyone: "Nice!"
by CoF July 20, 2013
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