1. Someone who has been your best friend since you were a little kid and whom you have tons of inside jokes with.

2. Your very best friend out of all your other friends.

3. Someone whom you want to be best friends for life.
1. I've known Ashley since we were five, which makes us frubes!

2. Ashley is my frube, but don't tell Francesca.

3. Me and Ashley are frubes for life!
#friend #best #enemy #love #cool
by faithx3love February 22, 2009
To cum into a condom than drink the remaining liquid.
alix dochertchy frubed that dude
#frube #condom #drink #liquid #cum
by jklfghfdjg March 21, 2012
A childs yoghurt in a thin plasic case that is very easily exploded if squeezed. And as a result is the start of many cafeteria food fights because of the mess it makes.
billy squeezed the frube so it went all over ben
#yoghurt #food #fight #school #cafeteria
by god_chris September 10, 2011
Frube, Verb: To suck the semen from a condom immediately after sex.

Fruber, Noun: A person who performs the act of Frube.
After we had sex, she frubed me.

That girl's filthy - I bet she's a Fruber!
#slut #slag #whore #sex act #kinky
by James_Andrews April 29, 2008
Slang term for pubic hair. The word is taken from the name of a yoghurt which is sold in tubes rather than in pots.
"Taste my frubes"

"I got my frubes caught in my jeans"
by numb_nuts June 21, 2005
a frube is any thing you want it to be when refured to emotions. It can show your anger, happiness, sorrow, shock, or envy etc.
Key you frorbin frube!
lisa thats frubealishus!
ohh the frubes left me
HOLY FRUBE!! what the hell!!
bloody frube i hate him
by Stewart brownbill June 09, 2004
it can be used for any thing: if sum1 is funny or annoyin or stupid it fits in well with any convosation! u shud try it in ur nxt sentance
(jess tells a joke)jo:ha ha ha ya frube
(jon has annoyin jo)jo:ya a rite frube!
(lisa spilt ink on the carpet)jo: oooo lisa ya realy dense ya a rite frube!
by jo February 16, 2004
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