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A noob Starcraft 2 player, got into the diamond league by using MMM. His name comes from professional Starcraft: Brood War player, Froz. He is what the Starcraft 2 community refers to as a "name stealer" or "smurf." Frozz can be found on the North American sever and plays many team games. His team often "BM" or "Bad Manner" when winning and never "gg" when losing. Overall Frozz or FroZ can be sourced back to Day9's 100th daily, where his apm is said to be "over 400."
Player X: Oh my god is that FroZ from Brood Wars?
Frozz: Yes.
Player Y: gg
Frozz: /dance
by andrewchen March 08, 2011
Ruler or Overlord
I am frozz, phear me.
by Anonymous August 01, 2003