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The CORRECT way to spell Froot Loops.
Guy 1: hey, let's go get some fruit loops
Guy 2: it's FROOT loops you asshat
by Souma Mondal June 02, 2005
Derived from the slang term froot, usually meaning someone who is gay.
"And you thought they were cereal..."
by fsc May 31, 2005
either of 2 definitions.

1-pills u take and don't know what they are

2-coricidin pills
1-she went to that party and took some frootloops, and now she's all fucked up

2-i just stole some frootloops from the drug store.
by justme0000 February 13, 2009
Crazy,eccentric, weird, out there
You are a complete froot loop
by sylvy September 24, 2006
NOT "Fruit Loop", the correct spelling is Froot Loop. Froot Loops are sugary, highly-toxic and so-called nutritious cereal. They are not healthy at all seeing that they contain a lot of sugar, but, well, they are delicious. They were created by Kellogg's and the character in the box is Toucan Sam
"Mom, I told you I hate Cornflakes! I want Froot Loops!
by MinxPie July 04, 2009
A person that is a wimp and runs away from a fight.
Max is such a frootloop, he won't fight back.
by STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOpiddd March 13, 2015
When a female places a ring of pineapple betwixt her butt cheeks and proceeds to have anal sex with a man, or woman (in some states).
"Hey, let me call you back. I'm in the middle of a Froot Loop."
by MT Laxer December 01, 2007

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