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A prank similar to TPing

You take a bunch of maple syrup and pour it on the victims drive way. Then you take a box of Froot Loops and pour them on the syrup. The end result is Froot Loops stuck to the drive-way of the victim. It takes alot of muscle to get off.
Highschooler: "Keep talking you 8th grade little punk"
8th grader: "Or what?"


8th grader: "OMFG, THEY FROOT LOOPED ME!!"
Mom: "What?!"
8th grader: "You know! Froot Looping!"
Dad: "Clean it up asshole"
by Corknuts May 16, 2006
A synonym for freaking, or fucking as an exclamation.
I froot looping love cereal.
by Koizumiiii October 20, 2014