n.- a wide spot in the road in between rt. 522,50,and 66. this is to date the first city to try to secceed since obama was elected. it is the birth-palce of hepatitis a and e. the concept of incest was developed and cultivated in the back woods here. if you accidentally arrive if "Fro-Ro" i highly suggest you drive as fast as you can until you cant hear the banjo music anymore.
"My girl friend got hepatitis e in Front Royal!"
by WCHS vs. SHS April 23, 2009
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Formerly called "Hell Town," Front Royal is located off of exit six on Route 66. Coined the Meth capitol of Virginia it is home to tooth decay, incest, herpes, illiteracy, and rampant drug use by all (including law enforcement).
"Hi, my name is Forest and this is my sister/wife Bessy Sue."

"You must be from Front Royal."
by spaghetti goddess March 20, 2009
the most run down town in all of virginia,commonly reffered to as front raw,fro ro,fro rock and cunt royal.it is over run with young hooligans who often abuse sex and drugs in public places.
hey,arent you from front royal?
by sassy cash July 15, 2008
Front Royal.
The lovely town is located in Virginia.
The teenage residents here do drugs and want to kill themselves because they believe they deserve to live elsewhere.

The older residents are all conservative and are all alcoholics.

The town is made up of blacks, Christfags, sk8rfags, rednecks, and fat people.

The faggot bands here play at the local churches every Saturday.

The popular hangout places for youth are...
At church
In front of the Mcdonalds
The 7/11 parking lot

Fantasy land.
I do drugs and play in a band because I live in Front Royal.
by Queen of Trees. July 14, 2011

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