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An expression used when describing a situation or referencing a feeling. The term "Frogmouthed" is used when one feels that things aren't going the way they were planned, or, when one feels like they have been taken advantage of. The expression has developed from the Youtube video "Chimp rapes a Frog"; where a frog is taken against its will by a chimp and forced to receive the chimp's penis - quite possibly for the chimp's sexual pleasure. The expression "Frogmouthed" is used, but not limited to the workplace and social gatherings.
Ben - "My results from my experiment appear to be frogmouthed"
Jai - "Yes, I can see that your results are not what what we were expecting".

Skye - "Last night was good until I got frogmouthed"
Syb - "I agree, you looked like you didn't want to watch that movie".
by mclovinthegreat April 29, 2012