The Act of getting a blowjob from your girlfriend blindfolded who in turn is playing a prank on you having a frog give you a blow job.
I was hoping for some action last night, but the bitch tricked me into getting a frog job.
by Alan_Dusk January 17, 2010
Top Definition
A loose griped clammy hand job preformed by an inexperienced person.
How'd that bird go in bed? Terible all I got was a frogjob
by Acê December 05, 2014
When a girl uses her feet to jerk you off. Making a motion much like a frog swimming in water.
Dude! I went out with a girl last night and she frog jobbed the shit out of me.
by Jbwhit November 06, 2010
The act of using a frog for fellatio.
That monkey is getting a frog job.
by tumtumtum September 15, 2010
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