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A colloquial term referring to a young lady who is highly suitable for a one night stand. She may be distinguished by displaying a high skin/clothing ratio, or checking out sub-par gentlemen at the bar and ‘frothing’ at the mouth. If a man is actively seeking one of these ladies; he may be heard to state that he is ‘on the Froffas’.
Man 1: “You seemed pretty keen on that girl last night Duffy; do you think you guys might end up going out?”
Man 2: “Who that one? No way, she was just a Froffa I found at the pub.”

Man 1: you gotta love the Froffas
Man 2: On the Froffas!
by Stocko September 09, 2010
homosexual mans milky man goo drop handle 'tache.
Hey james, thats a right creamy smile you're sporting there mate. You've got a right propa froffa grin ya poof!
by flanjeeta April 12, 2007
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