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The word "protoplasm" comes from the Greek "protos" for "first," and "plasma" for "thing formed."

The word "Frodo" comes from the Tolkien "Frodo" for "Frodo," and "plasm" comes from the Greek "plasm" for "thing formed."

Frodoplasm: The first hobbit formed.
Frodo was not the first hobbit Tolkien formed; therefore, he is not the Frodoplasm.
by Pseudonymthewild@gmail.com December 24, 2012
Either Frodo's jizz, or any living cell in Frodo's body capable of sensory detection. Derived from combining the name Frodo (from Lord of the Rings) and the word protoplasm.
Sam ate frodoplasm for dessert yesterday evening.
Your mom took my frodoplasm to the face.
Don't touch the little hairy guy because he will stand up and get frodoplasm all over you.
by Clayjrjr2 December 09, 2010