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A person of similar stature to a hobbit who then proceeds to finger an inebriated 'grenade' in a club. The 'grenade' does not recall the event the following morning.
So we totally saw Jon 'frodoing' this chick at the club the other night, we'll just say he lost his ring in her hot smelly Mordor last night.
by frodo the chode-o September 27, 2010
The act of freaking over Frodo
fangirl 1: Froooooddoooooooooo!!! *hyperventilates* curls! feet! blue eyes! *faints*
Fangirls 2: Wow, you're frodoing allright!
by Bo_zar November 28, 2004
To walk long distances across unnecessary rough terrain, bare foot.

*comes fromFrodo the main character in the book and film - Lord of the Rings
Some one stole my shoes so i ended up frodoing my ass home.
by shandyooo June 20, 2010